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Red Hair Color Trends for 2021

The vast amount of red hair stories on fashionistas' Insta feeds made women go crazy about the trending color. That's why we rounded up stunning red hair color ideas that embrace red shades from strawberry to auburn, copper to wine, ruby to dark, and everything in between. If you are in for this hottest trend, you will surely find your shade. Red hair ideas may become limitless paired with coloring techniques: balayage, ombre, highlighting.

Burgundy Hair 

Burgundy hairBurgundy hair

Still hesitant about which of the go-to red shades to choose in 2021? Consider burgundy that has blown up Instagram lately. This dark shade is an excellent pick for those who want to make waves. Style your hair with loose waves or make it sleek; burgundy will look amazing with hair types and textures, besides the shade flatters all skin tones. Pamper your tresses with gross treatment in between salon appointments to make your burgundy shade ensure your impeccable look.
Burgundy hairBurgundy hair

Rihanna and Natalia La Rose's deep burgundy hair color will inspire you to rock the trend ASAP. The enigmatic tint of the burgundy hair color is waiting for you.

Auburn Hair

Auburn HairAuburn Hair

Want to keep your brown hair and at the same time seeking something new to liven up your look? Cheer up, sis! Your wish has a name - auburn hair. It is an amazing blend of brown and reddish tones that echoes vibrancy and warmth. Mind that auburn hair looks good with almost all skin tones and eye colors. This lustrous shade of red, together with loose waves, will add dimension to your locks.
Red Hair Color Trends for 2021

Grab the auburn hair looks of Julianna Moore and Isla Fisher and call your hairstylist. Don't forget that you have dibs on trying the trendiest look of 2021.

Ruby Red Hair

Ruby red hairRuby red hair

Gemstone-inspired blood-red ruby red hair color is all the rage now. Whether you prefer a hue that leans to pink or embraces blood red, ruby red hair color will do the job for you. When the light catches the hair, the color is becoming amazing with its magnificent glitter. If you are not ready to pre-lighten your hair, then ruby rose is for blondes. The shade goes well with a pale complexion.
Ruby red hairRuby red hair

Arianna Grande and Sharna Burgess's Ruby red tresses will give you an ideal hair inspiration for your next dye job.

Magenta Hair

Red Hair Color Trends for 2021

Magenta hair color is for bold women who are not afraid to make statements with fearful colors. If you are not ready to try the color, you may start adding some magenta pops to your hair, use braided extensions, or try other subtle magenta shades that don't veer away from your personality.  
Red Hair Color Trends for 2021

Instead of going green with envy by the looks of A-list celebs Jade Thirlwall and Kylie Jenner, go magenta!

Copper Red Hair


Copper hair is one of fav shades that millions of women Google search worldwide. It is the brighter and sunnier sister of auburn hair. So, if you crave having a rich color that is trendy and gorgeous at the same time, copper is the right choice for you. Do your hair color preferences spin around brown or blonde? Never mind, you can try brown or blonde copper as copper styles are versatile. 
Copper hairCopper hair

If you think that copper red hair color is not for you, you probably lack inspiration. Julianne Hough and Hoyeon Jung will prove that you have another thing coming with their iconic copper hair.

Bright Red Hair

bright red hairbright red hair

Red hair is the most eye-catching shade of red. When you rock the color, it means you are ready to be the center of attention. The bright red color will look nice with every haircut: it always seems that women with bright red bob are more confident, long wavy hair paired with this trendy hue of red is head-turning and feminine, medium length sleek hair is unforgettable.
Red Hair Color Trends for 2021

Rihanna and Kehlani Ashley Parrish's vivid red hair color will surely entice you to color your bright hair red.

Red Highlights

red highlightsred highlights

If you don't want red, add some red highlights to your locks and fill the bliss with stylish hair. The combination of red and black is wonderful, so you can add a few red pops to your black hair and be different. It will be like blazing midnight.
Red Hair Color Trends for 2021

Red highlights of Vanessa Hudgens and Bella Thorne are amazing.

Still on the fence trying to find the best hair color for you? Remember the famous idiom "Go big or go home" and choose one of the trendiest red shades of 2021.

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