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The market niche of online flower shop is a developing market in all around the world. Armenia is no expectation and it is a developing market too. These days there are a lot of online flower stores and shops working especially in capital of Armenia, Yerevan. At first to get a better understanding of why Armenia is a prospect country for any kind of flower related business (specially online flower shops), we have to figure out a bit about the culture behind flowers in Armenia.

Flower Culture in Armenia

In usual Armenians buy flowers. If you are a tourist in Armenia, It is easy to see people on street buying flowers, also you may see there lots of small shops and kiosks selling beautiful fresh flowers. Armenian have many celebration days in their calendar. For example In 8th of March, International women’s day, you can see people,usually men, on street who give flowers to women as presents. The story is almost the same in 7th of April,The motherhood and beauty day, which is an official holiday in Armenia. People celebrate mother’s day by buying flowers and gifts for mothers.
Based on these descriptions you can understand the importance of flowers in Armenian culture which makes Armenia a prospect market for florists, flower shops and also modern online flower shop.
Now it is time to talk about a successful online flowers and gift shop in Armenia called ‘’ () which is one of pioneers in this market in Armenia.

Background of

At the beginning started its work as a flower shop(not online) in 2006 under the name of Avenue des Fluers. At the start the shop was mainly focused on Flowers. They provided high quality flowers both from Armenia and abroad. They imported some of their flowers from Netherlands and France. At that moment Avenue des Fluers was counted as an unique floral shop in Armenia because they had luxury and high quality flowers which was designed well based on international standards.
Moreover Avenue des Fluers was the first store which introduced new year decorations and creative Christmas design in Armenian market.
Then they started selling gifts alongside with flowers. They started providing services such as ceremony decorations, wedding decorations and event designs.
At 2014 it was the right time for Avenue des Fluers to enter online market as well as offline market. At the moment they had a good reputation as a luxury flower shop in the town. They decided to start their work in online world with a new brand called Flower am ( started working in 2015 as an online flower and gift shop. The shop also provides delivery of flowers and gifts in Armenia and abroad. Like Avenue des Fluers they are focused on luxury flowers but they also provide flowers in medium price range. The delivery system of flower am is one of the best delivery systems in Armenia.Fresh and safe delivery of flowers is one of the most important values for staff and managerial team of Flower am. They try to do their best while delivery of flowers to their consumer because it is a hard to keep sensitive flowers fresh while delivery and transferring (In Armenia the delivery of flowers services is called caxikneri araqum)

Product and services offers a vast range of flowers and bouquets. The shop offers high quality fresh single flowers such as red roses, Lilies ,Local roses, Callas,Tulips and Amaryllises.
Except single flowers Flower am provides fresh sweet bouquets, flower baskets and wreath.
Alongside with flower the shop offers delicious cakes, beautiful birthday cakes, love cakes and cake designed for kids.
In gifts category there are items such as toys, greeting cards and envelopes, sweets and drinks, cigars, balloons, plants, perfumes, jewelries and decors.
In services category, provides services such as event design, wedding design, hall design, cake table design, furshet and candybar design. The website arranges serenade services for customers alongside photo session services for brides and grooms. is well known for their services for wedding ceremonies. They provide well designed and beautiful wedding bouquets, wedding accessories, church design, ceremony design, hall design, outdoor design and wedding car design.
If you live in Armenia or in countries that provides services, just try one time their high quality services and then probably you would be a lifetime customer of them.


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