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Natural hair dye

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is it possible to change
your hair color without dye?

You can change your haircolor at home, without using damaging chemicals.
The positive and negative sides of folk remedies

1 - The positive sides:
2 - Simple ingredients and affordable price,
3 - Simple and safe coloring method,
4 - Real fixing of hair roots,
5 - Chance to color hair frequently,
6 - Complete exception of dubious chemical components,
7 - Ideal solution for pregnant and allergic women.
8 - Natural components give more natural look to hair.

The negative sides are:

1 - It’s impossible to radically change hair color (except the usage of henna)
2 - Hair will get the wanted result only by several procedures.

How to get black hair without using hair dye

Dye hair with coffe

Natural hair dye

If your black hair became matt, started to become splintered and broken, then this method is for you!
Take 50g black roasted coffee, add 1 teaspoon boiled water blend it properly and wait for approximately 20 minutes.
After having the mixture cooled, add a box of henna and blend it.
Equally provide/rub it to your hair starting from the roots. After the procedure, cover your head with a polyethylene membrane very warmly and keep for 2 hours.
Rinse your head without shampoo using a little vinegar or lemon juice with the water. This method gives an excellent shine and color to dark hair, but this doesn’s color white hair.

Dye hair with nettle

Natural hair dye

Nettle tincture will give your hair unique metal shine, will strengthen your hair root and give hair flexibility.
How to make the tincture
Take 100g of dried nettle; add 0,5l water, 2 tablespoon vinegar, and heat to boiling about half an hour. After taking the mixture let it stay for 2 hours then rub it on your hair and leave it for another 2 hours. Continue the procedure for several days until you will get the final shade.

Coloring hair with the flowers of linden (Tilia)

Natural hair dye

Take 5 tablespoon of flowers, add 400mg of hot water, mix it and heat to boiling, keep it on light fire and mix it continuously, so that the water comes to its half (200mg).
Rub it on your hair starting with the roots, keep it for 1 hour and rinse it without shampoo with hot water.

Coloring hair with Black Tea

Natural hair dye

Take 3 tablespoon of black tea leaves, add 1.5 cup of water heat it on light fire and mix, and then leave it for 20 minutes. Rub the dark mixture on your hair, cover your head with polyethylene membrane and keep it for minimum 1 hour.

If you want…
Black hair use Chinese Black Tea with Ginger, Fujian Congou Black Tea or Wild Ginger.
Dark brown hair use Earl Grey or Ceylon Black Tea.
Light brown hair use Summer Berries Tea or Blackberry Black Tea.
Red hair use Royal Velvet Rooibos or any Lavender Rooibos Tea.
Blonde hair use Classic Chamomile Tea.

Coloring hair with henna

Natural hair dye

Old and modern henna has always been used not only for coloring hair but also for curing it. The result depends on the basic color of your natural hair. Light hair will become red, and dark hair will become darker brown.
Take 1 box of henna, pour the henna in a container, and add very hot but not boiling water, equally mix it until it becomes half-thick mass. Equally rub it on your hair, cover with polyethylene membrane. This should remain on hair for 2 hours. After this, rinse your hair with hot water and use a little conditioner.

Coloring hair with onion
See: Coloring hair with black tea

The most effective way to color hair without dye, of course, is henna. How to get a lighter shade than?

The white henna which can be found in shops has no any connection with natural henna! They are common chemical revealing materials.

How to get lighter shades without using hair colors?

There are several ways to bleach your hair without chemical materials. These can be done with the usage of cognac and honey.

Receipt with honey

Natural hair dye

Take 2 tablespoon of your shampoo, pour it in a container, add 1 tablespoon of soda, mix it and rub on your hair,
Dry your hair with towel,
Heat liquid honey and a little water,
Rub the mixture on your hair starting from the roots,
Cover your head with polyethylene membrane and then use a towel to cover it.
This should remain on your hair for at least 10 hours, so you can do it at night, before sleeping,
Then rinse your hair with a common shampoo and hot water. Using this method you will bleach your hair for 3 shades. This will naturally lighten your hair.

Using honey to lighten hair before and after - photo

Natural hair dye

How to color white hair without hair colors?

Natural hair dye

You can use henna or green (black) walnut for coloring your white hair.
Take several black walnut (unripe walnuts), rub it, and add 200g water, heat on light fire until it boils, and leave it to cool down. You can equally rub this mixture on hair roots and hair, keep for 15 minutes and rinse with water.
(Be sure to work with sanitary gloves, be aware not to leave a spot on your cloths or skin, because the tracks of natural dyes are difficult to get rid of.)

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