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Best At-Home Hair Color Kits to Try

Fading hair tips, stubborn greys — how to handle such problems without rushing to the salon every 4-6 weeks? Fortunately, professionals have created color kits for at-home hair treatment. Oh, stop! Here comes another burning question — what are the best at-home hair dyes?
The answer is just a few lines away. Here you will find 8 of the best at-home hair dyes with prices so that you can find the one that suits your pocket. Here we go!

1. Garnier Olia
Best At-Home Hair Color Kits to Try

Whether you want to say no to your greys or go sunny blonde, classy brown, elegant black, auburn, or mahogany, you will find your favorite color shade with Olia ($7.97). Ammonia-free Olia with wonderful odor is a guarantee of grey coverage and shiny hair. The hair dye is available in 36 shades.

2. Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Vibrance Color Kit
Best At-Home Hair Color Kits to Try

With the Igora color kit ($17.70), at-home coloring becomes easier than ever. The activator that is included in the box helps to apply the color effortlessly. Just mix the Tone color with the applicator and developer, then shake and apply to the dry hair starting from the roots.

3. Revlon ColorSilk
Best At-Home Hair Color Kits to Try

Colorsilk ($2.79) is one of the best affordable at-home hair dyes that effectively cover stubborn grays. The product offers a great range of trendy colors and shades that suit redheads, blondes, or brunettes. As a result, you will have a lovely color with a brilliant shine that stays up to seven weeks. Rich color with ammonia-free formula will condition your tresses, giving them a gorgeous look.

4. Radiant Hair Color Kit from Madison Reed

Best At-Home Hair Color Kits to Try

Madison Reed is famous for its animal-friendly products that are free of ammonia, parabens, gluten, and other harmful compounds that can take at stake your healthy scalp and hair. This cruelty-free hair dye ($24.99) fabulously covers grays and enhances the natural color. The box contains all you need for the easy at-home appliance of the dye. Say no to the drugstore chemical smells and salute the hair dye that really has an amazing fragrance and can make your hair smoother and shinier than ever.

5. Clairol Natural Instincts

Best At-Home Hair Color Kits to Try

We all have heard of the healthy effects of both coconut and aloe vera for our hair. There are a lot of DIY hair masks with these natural ingredients that can turn your hair into a gorgeous mane. Imagine a hair coloring kit that embraces the useful coconut and aloe vera + vibrant, rich color +shine. Oh, wait, that’s not all! The designers of Natural Instincts pushed the envelope to create the super-easy appliance at-home. Terrific! Paying $ 6.90, you will free yourself from the annoying visit to the salon and save more than 3 hours. You can choose your fav tone from the available 37 shades.

6. L’Oréal Feria
Best At-Home Hair Color Kits to Try

L’Oréal Feria ($9.99) offers a wide range of easily achievable colors at home without damaging hair. If you are looking for bold shades, Feria color kits will give you an exceptional opportunity to transform your hair without rushing to the salon. Say no to the faded color and embrace the radiant shades with dazzling shimmer.

7. Elgon Get the Color Coloration
Best At-Home Hair Color Kits to Try

Get the Color Coloration ($10.99) contains proteins that nourish hair and protect the scalp at the same time while dyeing. Your hair will shine and look healthy. You can play with the color the way you like. Mix several colors to get your desired shade.

8. Schwarzkopf Keratin Color Permanent Hair Color

Best At-Home Hair Color Kits to Try

Schwarzkopf Keratin Color Permanent Hair Color ($9.45) will make your hair stronger and healthy-looking. The hair dye easily combats hair breakage, conditioning hair from roots to tips. If you are still wondering about the benefits of this color kit, here you are:
- 100% gray coverage
- Conditioned and healthy hair
- Vivid and long-lasting color.

All the above-mentioned hair dyes come to prove that achieving stunning, shining, and the long-lasting color is quite possible without the professional touch of your hairstylist. Make sure to check out the color charts to find your envisioned shade or experiment with colors by mixing several shades and give it a go from the comfort of your home. And remember the famous quote.
‘Life is too short for having boring hair.’

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