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9 of the Luxury Cosmetics Brands that Women Long for

Today cosmetics brands adhere to various creative strategies, catchy ads, and slogans to drive people to their sites, as our digital era defines whether the brand is successful or not, taking into account social media following. But wait, let's not forget a key factor when talking about cosmetics  - quality. Here are luxury cosmetic brands that have long established themselves as providers of high-quality products to celebrate women's unique beauty.

1. Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)

9 of the Luxury Cosmetics Brands that Women Long for

"I am no longer concerned with sensation and innovation, but with the perfection of my style." -  Yves Saint Laurent

One of the eponymous luxury brands, Yves Saint Laurent, was founded in 1966.
The founder of the company Saint Laurent was considered one of the most prominent designers of the 20th century. 

2. La Mer

9 of the Luxury Cosmetics Brands that Women Long for

La Mer - a marriage of science and experiments.
La Mer history goes back to Max Huber, who made up his mind to create a cream that will incorporate all the healing ingredients of the sea. The idea of creating a healing cream sparked after he burned his hands in the lab experiment. In the long run of finding the right ingredients for curing his burns, Huber carried out more than 6000 experiments. And eventually, he nailed it; he gave birth to the phenomenal cell renewing broth that every La Mer product includes. La Mer hero, Crème de La Mer, is the most searched and purchased cream globally. Apart from La Mer creams, the luxurious brand also has quality makeup to offer. La Mer cosmetics continues to parade out the healing power of sea purity with simple packaging and nourishing ingredients. 

3. Dior Beauty

9 of the Luxury Cosmetics Brands that Women Long for

"My dream? To make women happier and more beautiful." -  Christian Dior

Dior is a luxury brand founded in 1946 by French designer Christian Dior wh. The world-famous brand is a game-changer in the fashion and beauty world providing uncompromisable luxury. Dior's perfumes, skin-care, and makeup products are specially designed for reaching complete femininity. Merging innovations and traditional approaches, Dior magnifies women's beauty. 
From quality cosmetics to modernistic dresses and accessories, the brand continues to astound fashion plates worldwide. 

4. CHANEL Beauty

9 of the Luxury Cosmetics Brands that Women Long for

"May my legend prosper and thrive. I wish it a long and happy life." -  Coco Chanel

Gabrielle Chanel - an inspiration for all women internationally. With her unique and timeless style, she was ahead of her time. Her constraint-free wardrobe was wildly trendy. 
Her free and avant-garde spirit pushed all the boundaries in fashion, making the masculine feminine. She stole tweed from men's wardrobe, used fabric and cotton for her designed clothes, dressed women in black, and fought corsets and lace. She reformed the fashion industry, creating a style that women can feel comfortable in.
Starting from perfumes CHANEL created a whole beauty line embracing skincare and makeup products. As luxurious and chic as their fashion, CHANEL cosmetics is a gorgeous mix of innovations and quality. CHANEL aims at incorporating luxury cosmetics into everyday life making them a bit accessible. Chanel cosmetics is all about splendor and extravagance. 

4. Estée Lauder

9 of the Luxury Cosmetics Brands that Women Long for

"Never underestimate any woman's desire for beauty." -  Estée Lauder

Josephine Esther Mentzer became Estée by her nickname Esty. She had a clear understanding of fashion still from school when her uncle concocted creams in their kitchen than in the laboratory. Esther learned the nuances of creating creams and applying them to women's faces. She was in love with the beauty and inspired women nationwide to believe in their dreams and have enough of the courage to go for them. She opened one of the most innovative companies, Estée Lauder, in 1946.

5. Lancôme

9 of the Luxury Cosmetics Brands that Women Long for

"The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence." - Armand Petitjean

Lancôme was established as a company in 1935 in France and entered a great L'Oréal family in 1964. The brand's name 'Lancôme' comes from the name of the forest Lancome Indre valley in La Brenne, France, inspired by the roses in the area. Today the brand offers quality cosmetics (perfumes, skincare, makeup). 
The symbol of the brand is a golden rose.

6. L'Oreal

9 of the Luxury Cosmetics Brands that Women Long for

"A single small idea carried forward every day over many years can take you to the other side of the world." - Eugène Schueller

L'Oreal was founded by Eugène Schueller, who combined research and innovations to create beauty products. The famous company owns more than 150 brands all over the world. Today L'Oreal offers a great range of beauty products (skincare, makeup, hair color, and haircare). L'Oreal's mission is to make beauty products available for all; that's why they create beauty products to meet all the beauty needs embracing diversity and inclusion.  

7. Nars

9 of the Luxury Cosmetics Brands that Women Long for

"Don't hold back. Be bold. It encourages others to do the same." - François Nars

The founder of the famous brand NARS, François Nars, believes that every woman should shine individually. The brand offers skincare and makeup products that can add glam and classical elegance to your face. NARS' clientele embrace Sharon Stone, Madonna, Isabella Rosselini, and other famous icons. NARS is prominent for products that can enhance women's self-expression. 
In 1994, François launched his lipstick line; then NARS cosmetics was born.

8. Givenchy

9 of the Luxury Cosmetics Brands that Women Long for

"You must, if it's possible, be born with a kind of elegance. It's part of you, of yourself." - Hubert De Givenchy

Parisian chic and Haute Couture has a name - Givenchy. 
A French luxury brand was founded in 1955 by French designer Hubert de Givenchy, who was considered the most elegant man globally. He was the first designer to mix classicism and casualness in his fashionable designs. Givenchy's scope of collaboration embraces famous icons like Rihanna, Beyonce Knowles, Adele, and others.
Givenchy perfumes, skincare, and makeup products are still making waves defining the boldest you. The unique designs, innovations, and quality are the best words to describe the brand. 

9. Elizabeth Arden 

9 of the Luxury Cosmetics Brands that Women Long for

"To be beautiful and natural is the birthright of every woman." - Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden opened her Red Door salon in 1910 in New York. Her only dream was to establish women's natural beauty. She merged science and nature to get cosmetics that are admired and wildly purchased all over the world. Arden skincare products soften and moisturize the skin instead of just masking it. Arden creates beauty products that every woman will need but also lusts for. Though the brand has gone a long journey, however, the innovative spirit of Elizabeth Arden remains in the heart of the luxury cosmetic brand.

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