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2020 Fall Hair Color Trends

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It is fall again — the season of red and gold that carpet the grass, the season when you hear the yell of pallid hues and feel the unique, boundless influence on your taste! Bronzed and yellow fall is begging for us to don the new colors with the same excitement and blaze so that the women of fashion can’t help but meet the season’s challenge.
Need a flash of insight to pick out the trendiest fall hair colors? Here we go! The trend for 2020 embraces charming, warm colors — chestnut, bright copper, classic brown, chunky highlights, ombre, and bronde.


2020 Fall Hair Color Trends

Eyeing some fresh shades but still don’t want to veer away from your brown? These fall trends are all here for bronde! Mixing blonde and brown is a splendid way to give dimension to your hair. No numerous in-salon treatments and radical changes! Just a bit of brownish plus some blonde will make a good team to ensure your second to none look. Enjoy your bronde!

Mushroom Blonde

2020 Fall Hair Color Trends

The color is topping the fall hair color wish-list, as it combines the latest color trends: bronde and ashy blonde hair. This color trend is flattering for almost any face, brightening it with lighter tones and framing it with darker tinges at the same time. This enchanting blend of two colors hit the Instagram feeds lately, inspiring fashionistas to rock it. What about you?


2020 Fall Hair Color Trends

Gala events, business meetings, or everyday life? Sporting chestnut hair color, you will wow the masses. The color comprises a delicate mix of warm red and natural brown that completely livens your look. You can achieve your desired chestnut color either at home or in the salon. For a flawless finish, add some movement to your tresses, creating soft waves. Be sure that chic and elegant chestnut is the color that suits everyone.

Creamy Lowlights

2020 Fall Hair Color Trends

Your blonde hair needs some transformation for getting ready for fall 2020? What can complement your base color more magnificently than adding a few pops of warm creamy lowlights? As a result, you will have a warm, low-maintenance color.

Cherry Red

2020 Fall Hair Color Trends

Do you like cherries? What do you think about transmitting the color of your favorite fruit into your mane? Subtle or vibrant, cherry hues are always striking and awesome. Itching to make a bold statement for your look, then go cherry-picking!


2020 Fall Hair Color Trends

One of the trendiest hair color techniques, ombre, still occupies a leading position in hair fashion. Let’s start by answering a common question: What is ombre? A darker base color that is fading starting from the midway. The trendy hair technique provides multiple opportunities for fashion-setters to play with colors — merge subtle hues of blonde with brown or bronde, give a go to an attention-grabbing fiery red ombre. Whether you wear short sassy haircuts, neck-length bob, or long gorgeous locks, be sure ombre will add some flair to any hairstyle. So, take an effortless step into September with a snappy ombre!

Chunky Highlights

2020 Fall Hair Color Trends

Balayage and soft bleached highlights are surely trending now, but here is another craze for bold trendsetters — chunky highlights! Famous colorist and the founder of the brand “Mydentity’’ Guy Tang describes the trend as highlights that really pop up. It is the hottest of the current fall trends!

Iridescent Hair

2020 Fall Hair Color Trends

Post-quarantine color experiments continue the trick in the fall. With growing inspiration, hair colorists create a unique mix of hues embracing purple, pink, pearl, and even blue. This a la mode style allows playing with pastel hues where the fall colors are mirrored. Whether you want to flaunt your fervent nature, uncoat the mystery in you, or feel the opalescent sunset right on your head, iridescent hair will do the work for you!
Mushroom, chestnut, and cherry with all their on-trend tinges, are ripe for fall 2020. What will you pick?

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