Hair coloring during pregnancy

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Is it safe to dye my hair during pregnancy? (Hair coloring during pregnancy)

Dying hair during pregnancy is a very actual topic in nowadays. This question is interesting to a lot of women. They say, pregnancy makes a woman beautiful, but many women think the vice versa. Because of pregnancy, women lack of calcium and other vitamins in their organism. In the result of this, their hair starts to lose its shine.
On the other hand, natural hair starts to grow and if the pregnant woman’s hair has been dyed, it starts to look careless. This becomes a result of bad mood…

So, we’ll try to answer to the question “how to color hair during pregnancy” in this article. As the examples and opinions are different, one must be able to differentiate the primary act from the secondary.
The specialists, who are against the coloring during pregnancy, explain their viewpoint with the existence of toxics. They claim that these toxics will inevitably penetrate in your organism, even if the amount of the hair color is not much. But this hypothesis is not proved scientifically.
If your doctor doesn’t recommend you to color your hair during pregnancy, it’s advisable to follow his words, based on the proverb – Don’t harm, even if there is no proof (even if the chances are small).

Hair coloring during pregnancy

Anyway it’s a must to remember, that besides the danger of toxics’ penetration at the roots of hair, there is also a danger of penetration through respiratory channels. This can be harmful in terms of allergenic reactions and this fact is undeniable. Or everybody knows that smell receptors are becoming acute during pregnancy, and any kind of smell may seem unpleasant to a pregnant woman.

Hair coloring during pregnancy

In this case coloring hair is meaningless, too. There are cases, when coloring hair doesn’t give the wanted results, just because of pregnant woman’s hormonal changes. Sometimes the color is completely different from what the woman chose. Let’s agree that this is an extremely unpleasant phenomenon.

Anyway, coloring your hair during your pregnancy must be based not on your choice, but on your doctor’s choice.
However if you decide you color your hair, we will recommend you to use hair color with maximum natural base. Completely exclude hair colors containing ammonia and color your hair baby lights or light ombre, because during these technologies the hair color doesn’t affect on your scalp.
At last, we would like to mention that the pregnant woman’s (moms-to-be) emotional state is generally very important. Being perceived beautifully by people is one of the most important emotional states. This is any pregnant woman’s desire and this is what they seek, especially during pregnancy. Rating (30 brand UK and US) on the use of hair dye during pregnancy or breast-feeding a look here

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