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Majirel Hair Color Chart

Every day, everywhere, millions of women who are passionate about their hair color choose Majirel. The brand offers its products since 1978 and can be considered the epitome of perfect hair color and shine. Now Majirel comes with a novel design. Mind that the new packaging of the famous brand doesn't have any impact on its formula.

Majirel Hair Color Chart

Majirel is formulated by Ionene-G and Incell that strengthens, nourishes, condition your hair, and restore damaged hair as the nutritional components infiltrate into the cuticle and start working their magic. The lustrous Majirel hues range from cool to warm, embracing mocha, blue, green, and everything in between. Shade numbers are shown on the package so that you can easily find your dream shade. What's more, the novel Majirel packaging is eco-friendly (small boxes that can easily be recycled). With more than 190 available shades, Majirel may provide endless color possibilities so that you can be creative about your look. The new design and old formula make the hair color the most requested item among the hair products.

Majirel hair color chart

Majirel color chartMajirel color chart

Give your locks a chance to salute 2021 with a new trendy lustrous color.

Majirel Cool Cover hair color chart

Majirel Cool CoverMajirel Cool Cover

Majirel Cool Cover is a fade-resistant hair color that will fully combat grays. From cool brown to blonde, Majirel Cool Cover is at your disposal with 14 available shades. Can be sure of having predictable ideal results. 

Magirouge hair color chart

Majirel Hair Color Chart

Red shades take the hair coloring industry by storm. With Magirouge, you can rock the color trend so amazingly and effortlessly that it would even seem hard for you to switch to another color. Whether you are in for bright copper or crimson red, you can find your envisioned tint from the available 23 shades. 
Majirouge is a real find for redheads. It might seem a real challenge to maintain their hair color.  

Majirel Glow hair color chart

Majirel GlowMajirel Glow

The shiny hair you are longing for so long is somewhere in the available 19 shades; pick your glowing hue and enjoy the prismatic, exceptional effects. Whether you use the colors alone or blend them with Majirel Classic, be sure to don the glow trend. Infuse natural & luminous shine to your gorgeous locks with Majirel Glow!

Majirel HIgh-Lift hair color chart

Majirel High lift color chartMajirel High lift color chart

Five blonde shades are here to ensure you a bright and sunny look. The product is for those who eye to have levels 5–9 within 50 minutes. 

Majirel Benefits
100% gray coverage 
Shiny & healthy hair
Affordable price

How to use Majirel? 

The use of the dye is effortless: you can apply it to your unwashed dry hair. Start from the roots, then move through the hair length. Be careful with the time and follow the instructions. The development time may range from 25–35 minutes, depending on the hair's quality and type, then shampoo your hair and enjoy the color.

There is no better time than now; choose your hue from the wide range of Majirel shades and sport it. Feel the bliss of having healthy and shiny hair!

Detailed file can be downloaded Majirel Color Chart from here / PDF:

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