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Finding the Right Marketing Moments in 2019

Even as the calendar turns over from year to another, affiliate marketers face the same
challenge: plotting the best marketing strategies to generate more leads. Assembling a
winning marketing campaign can be difficult at times, but the helpful marketing blog Think
with Google offers an insight that marketers can use for the coming year.
Think with Google suggests tapping into marketing moments on the yearly calendar—these
encompass both big holidays, but also less obvious events like a music festival or the first
big snowstorm of the season. When it comes to affiliate marketing in the financial vertical
that can mean taking advantage of time periods where people are especially focused on
their finances: think of year-end holiday spending, the weeks leading up to tax day, or when
folks are putting together a summer budget. To take it a step further, the end of every
month usually comes with some bills and financial planning, so that time period might also
be an ideal window for your marketing efforts.

Working with an affiliate network can help you expertly navigate these marketing moments.
In addition to having the wisdom and experience to know what moments might work best,
an affiliate network like Zero Parallel can also provide you with email and landing page
templates that are especially suited to specific times of the year. Holiday templates can be a
tremendous asset for any affiliate marketer who is looking to take advantage of marketing
moments. Zero Parallel President Davit Gasparyan has a great deal of experience helping
affiliate marketers and can attest to the importance of tapping into specific moments.
While utilizing the guidance of an affiliate network like Zero Parallel can help you gain extra
insight into these moments, there is also some invaluable data that you can collect by using
Google Analytics.

Affiliate Marketing with Google Analytics

Every affiliate network, including Zero Parallel, finds great value in utilizing Google
Analytics. Using the power of the world’s most influential technology company, Google
Analytics lets marketers track performance and better understand their sales funnel. While
Google Analytics can be overwhelming due to its incredible amount of capabilities, there are
a few key features that affiliate marketers should be aware of. Davit Gasparyan emphasizes
that understanding the best aspects of Google Analytics will make it easier to identify your
ideal marketing moments and take advantage of them to generate more leads.
Pay Attention to Your Site Searches
The search bar can be a useful component of any affiliate site: it offer a clear look into the
minds of your site visitors. The benefit of a search bar can vary from site to site, as it may
act as an unnecessary distraction from your forms or call to action, but for many sites it can
be an invaluable tool to keep visitors on your site longer and provide you with helpful
information. If you are debating adding a search bar to your page, you are well advised to
tap into an affiliate network like Zero Parallel to speak with an affiliate manager to
determine if it is the right move.
There’s certainly great value in a utilizing a search bar if your site has one. You can use
Google Analytics to track search queries and change your site to highlight topics that are
regularly searched. This search data can go a long way in optimizing your website and your

Focus on Your Target Audience

According to Davit Gasparyan, success in content marketing comes from being able to zero
in and tap into whatever is most likely to engage your target audience. Getting the
information to understand your audience better becomes easy with the use of Google
Analytics. Utilizing the “Audience” section of Google Analytics, you can get a firm grasp on
all the particulars of your audience: their demographics, bio, location, behavior and more.
The audience tab can be very helpful, not only because it provides insight into what you can
do to forge a connection with your audience, but also because it can tell you if your site is
attracting the customers that you’re not interested in. By making sure you’re getting the
right visitors to your site, Google Analytics is very helpful.
Optimize for Mobile
As more of the population conducts their shopping and web browsing on mobile devices,
ensuring that you are connecting with as many mobile users as possible is very important.
With the rise of mobile search, your site’s SEO is in part dependent on how well your site is
optimized for mobile search. Google Analytics can deliver critical information regarding your
site’s mobile performance. It can even let you know what kind of devices people have
browsed your site with, giving you yet another useful customer data point to take
advantage of. Working with an affiliate network like Zero Parallel will also give marketers a
detailed vision of how to be ideally set up for mobile use.
It is vital that marketers seek out “moments” throughout the year that create ideal
conversion times for would-be consumers. In affiliate marketing, working with a network
like Zero Parallel and taking advantage of the powerful analysis of Google Analytics are two
of the best ways to find success in those marketing moments.

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