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Hillary Duff Blue Hair Color

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Hillary Duff Blue Hair Color
Hillary Duff Blue Hair Color

Hillary Duff Blue Hair Color

Hillary Duff Blue Hair Color

American singer, writer, actress, and producer Hilary Duff cardinally changed things up going from blonde to blue. She changed not only her hair color but also the length cutting it bob. Her new hair color is like a sea wave and perfectly emphasizes the color of her eyes. Experimenting with bold hairstyles is not a new practice for her. She had blue hair in 2015.

Duff explained that the motivation came from her son’s Luca’s wish to have blue hair. Instead of dyeing Luca’s hair, she took the plunge and went blue first. It is still uncertain how long it will last; maybe the color will fade away after a few washes? However, one thing is sure — for her, it is very entertaining. Wait, the fun is not only for her. A vast army of followers left comments under her post, stating their desire to give a go to a blue color.

If you are inspired by her blue hair and have a wish to try, it will be interesting to know that she got the color with a semi-permanent Manic Panic that offers a whole range of blue hues. If you are bold enough to try new shades, then go blue with Manic Panic.
According to Hilary, it’s better to try temporary colors, leaving drastic changes, especially with permanent colors to specialists. Duff also shared impressions on how easy it is to get the color.

“Ok! So this little packet is a miracle. Took a ton of the green out of my hair… mix with water and rub sections of your hair between your hands (use gloves). The color starts to come out. Took a few packets and a lot of muscles and two rounds of washing and reapplying,” wrote the actress.

Hillary Duff Blue Hair Color

How to Apply Manic Panic Bad Boy Blue Hair Dye?
1. Start with bleaching your hair to a level 9 (you will need one bleach product for 10–12cm hair) or higher for a better result.
2. Apply a container of blue dye (118ml.) for every 25–30 cm of hair to clean and dry hair.
3. Try to spread the color evenly with a comb or brush.
4. Cover hair with a shower cap and wait from half an hour up to 45 minutes.
5. Wash your hair with cold water. The color is fading away with each wash. Make sure to use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to enjoy long-lasting color.
Attention! Do not use the product to dye eyebrows.
Note: Thicker hair will require a bit more of the product, tones of blue may vary according to hair type and color.

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