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10 of the Best Semi-Permanent & Temporary Hair Dyes

Want to go crazy and experiment with vivid colors, but there is something that holds you back? Got it ... long-term commitments, and the fear of hair damage. Kick the indecisiveness, choose your fave color from the semi-permanent or temporary hair dyes, and give it a go. No commitments, no damage! 

1. Manic Panic Dye Hard

10 of the Best Semi-Permanent & Temporary Hair Dyes

Manic Panic - the brand that echoes a bold, lush color making you stand out in the crowd. It is the most famous of the temporary hair colors. With this vegan hair dye, you can rock any bright colors without commitments and the fear of damaging hair. The Dye Hard gel is free from PPD, ammonia, gluten, and paraben. Due to the UV nature of the gel, your hair will glow under black light. Manic panic is a terrific way for temporary hair makeovers. 

2. L'Oreal Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color

10 of the Best Semi-Permanent & Temporary Hair Dyes

Eyeing to have some fun with your hair color? L'Oreal Colorista is here to ensure your commitment-free dazzling look. The composition that lacks peroxide and ammonia of the dye will keep your hair from damage. Whether you are a sunny blonde or dusky brunette, be sure Colorista will find something appealing to your taste.

3. Arctic Fox

Arctic FoxArctic Fox

Unlike chemical-based hair dyes, the vegan ingredients of Arctic Fox won't damage your hair. The color will work well on every type of hair and base colors. Lighter shades will result in brighter looks. Poseidon, Purple Rain, Cosmic Shine, Electric Paradise, Neon Moon, and the other vibrant AF colors will be an excellent pick for your festive or crazy look. 

4. Punky Color

10 of the Best Semi-Permanent & Temporary Hair Dyes

The crazy hair color of your dreams is just a bowl of Punky hair color away. The easy-to-use color kit is vegan and cruelty-free that will condition your hair while coloring. The color will fade away almost after 35 washes. 

5. Unicorn Hair Full Coverage

10 of the Best Semi-Permanent & Temporary Hair Dyes

Available in 21 vibrant shades, the dye will take you into the magic of the unicorn world. The result is a vivid color, silky hair, and a fantastic fragrance. The vegan color is damage-free and user-friendly. Add a deep glow to your tresses with Unicorn hair dye. 

6. Schwarzkopf Live Color

10 of the Best Semi-Permanent & Temporary Hair Dyes

If you seek a semi-permanent hair dye to get a soft pastel hue or a bright live color, you can try Schwartzkopf Live Color. The hair color kit allows you to try various styles, from natural to electrifying bright. For pastel results, add just a little of the color crème to the conditioner and enjoy the delicate shade. For tip-dying, dip the ends of your hair into the dye. The brightness of your color may depend on the amount of the mixed color crème.

7. Sephora

With this hair dye at hand, you can have no worries about damaging your hair. Sephora perfectly suits every hair type and texture, so whether your hair is sleek, wavy,

8. Splat 10 Wash Temporary Hair Color

Commitment and damage-free Splat hair color will transform your tresses in minutes. The fans of bold colors can get the desired rebellious look in 30 minutes, while the lovers of pastel tints can switch to the wanted gentle pastel hue in 5 minutes. Then the color will softly melt away after several washes. Feel the glistening shine of your hair with Splat temporary hair colors!

9. Poser Paste

Poster Paste is a safe way for all ages to change your hair color until the next shampooing. This one-wash temporary color paste is infused with oils and citrus that will care for your locks. You can apply the color to your hair tips, roots the way you like. One more thing, the dye will glow in blacklight. Incredible, isn't it?

10. Clairol Natural Instincts

Clairol Natural InstinctsClairol Natural Instincts

Striking colors like blue, pink, or purple are undoubtedly fun, but sometimes you opt for natural colors. What can be the best commitment-free hair dye for getting natural tones than the Clairol Natural Instincts? The dye that is infused with aloe and coconut oil will moisturize your hair and prevent hair breakage. 

What do you prefer - a bright color washed out after one shampoo, or want to try a hue that will last a bit longer? These temporary and semi-permanent hair colors are here to ensure your vivid and fun hair transformations whenever the mood strikes.

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